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May 14, 2010


Alright, so I’ve been cruising around trying out different blog sites to find one I really like.  thought Tumblr was pretty cool but it doesn’t have enough customizable features for my personal blog. I will post up a link to my fun blog on Tumblr. The one I use to post the completely random shit. This blog at least looks like there’s a lot of features to it, but it will take time for me to explore it and I have soo little time.

So, anyways, a little funny excerpt from my life. My daughters decide they’re thirsty so we go into the kitchen to get a drink. My 2-yr old is, of course 2, and decides she wants juice and my older daughter wants milk. I pour their cups everything’s great. The littlest one is even laughing and giggling as she’s pointing out the juice she wants. Then, I go to hand them their cups and Maeve throws a fit that she wanted the milk. Nevermind that she just asked for juice and watched me pour it for her, no, she wants milk. I get a screaming meltdown in the kitchen cause she can’t make up her damn mind. And, then 2 seconds later, it’s as if nothing happened. The Terrible Twos.. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle sometimes. The rottenness is strong in that one. Like a little piece of Mommy. I will admit I relish being a bitch. It’s very fun. And my children have a lot of my personality in them.

Alright well, I have to get to my American Federal Government homework. I will make sure to get some pics of my rotten offspring up later.

Peace, love, and crabs.