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May 28, 2010

Textbook Excerpt: Gay Marriage

So I’m doing a cram study night for my American Federal Government test tomorrow, and I’m reading the chapter on politics and personal liberty. I think I may have several different excerpts from this chapter to post tonight. After reading this section on gay marriage, I ahve to say a huge chunk of the human race appalls me.

“The Supreme Court has not yet spoken out on gay marriage — marriages between persons of the same sex. Several state courts, including the Supreme Court of Massechusetts, have held that the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment entitles gay couple to marry, that to deny them marriage rights while recognizing heterosexual marriages amounts to discrimintation. The issue is complicated by the constitutional provision that requires all states to give “Full Faith and Credit” to judicial proceedings of other states. This provision implies that gay marriages in any state must be recognized in all states. Congress passed a Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 declaring that no state need recognize a gay marriage. But Congress failed to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay sex marriage,”

Politics in America, 8th Ed., pg. 506;  Thomas R. Dye and Bartholomew H. Sparrow

This just absolutely disgusts me. I don’t understand why the Supreme Court won’t step in and make the obvious decision. There is no constitutional right to deny gay couples marriage. I have gay friends and family and they are just as good of people as any one else. Hell, better than most people and I fully think they deserve every single one of the same rights that heterosexuals do. Not a single activist can give a logical reason why it shouldn’t be allowed. All the reasons are emotional or religious, with no basis in anything real or important. It is forcing some citizens opinions on everyone and no one wants that done to them. People are so damn close-minded