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June 15, 2010

Arizona Mom Arrested

This is just awful. I cannot imagine thinking of my kids this way.

An Arizona mom was arrested as she packed up for a future as a California stripper because she intended to leave her 2 young children behind, police said today.

And when her 11-year old son tried to hug her before their separation, she made a fist and punched him in the stomach, according to police reports.

That’s when the cops arrested her.

I just can’t believe someone could be like that.

June 2, 2010

The 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years

This is really cool. Click on the pic. It’s your link.

June 1, 2010

Groovin’ With Ken

LMAO!! This is hilarious.

It’s so true. That’s all Ken has ever been is a glorified Barbie accessory.

May 27, 2010

I am so amazingly fucked up, I’m surprised I can type. And I’m not even using spellcheck. Wow. This is probably gonna be one of those posts I look at tomorrow and delete cause I should never have posted it in the first place. I should just go to bed and yet I sit here contemplating nothing really. Alex wants me to go to bed and I want him to slam me up against a wall and fuck me. I’m tired of always being the aggressor in bed. I’ve never had this problem before. Why do I want him so bad? Better question, why doesn’t he want me as much as I want him? I am amazingly hot, I fuck like a porn star, I’m doing my best to learn to deepthroat for him. I actually want to deepthroat his cock. WTF! Yet somehow I always feel like I have to go to him for it. It’s like my past relationships turned around. Wow. Maybe tripping actually helps me think things through. I have reversed the roles from every other relationship I’ve been in, which makes me the asshole now. I get it now and it’s too complicated to explain but I have had one of those shroomie epiphanies and it’s all my fault. Luckily, he’s loyal so I can fix it. I have time ot fix it. But I will have to remember patience. I’m the one who fucked up in the first place. I can’t be Will and I see what I’m truning myself into. I have to make a list of rules to remind myself what I need to do. How sad I’m tripping and learning how to fix my life before I fuck up the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  1. Patience I fucked up our perfect relationship, now I have to fix it.
  2. If he is treating me in a way differently from when we first met, don’t react to it. Anger is what I have conditioned him to expect.
  3. DO NOT YELL Nothing is worth getting that angry over. Breathe and take 1 minute to tell myself it is not that big a deal.
  4. He is only distant from me because a) he doesn’t understand my mood swings and b) he needs solitary time too.
  5. Don’t sweat all the damn small stuff. I take everything in life far too seriously.
  6. Stop yelling at the girls everything they do is small stuff and I have conditioned them to expect yelling and meaness too.
  8. If I am not nicer to him I will lose him. I should tell myself that everytime I get mean.
  9. Remeber that I am extra mean to people and overly critical of everything.

Wow I could really just look at all this and hate myself but instead.. I am going to say I am only 25 and my children are still young. My anger problems have not permanently damaged my children or my relationship with my boyfriend. I still have time to fix myself and the realtionships with all of the people most important to me. I will start looking at everything around me and realizing that it is all just small shit. I have a roof over my head, food on my table, children and a man who love me and are willing to put up with my awful attitude and mood swings. My children don’t deserve the anger I throw their way and I will stop doing it.I will get up in the morning tomorrow and tell my daughters I love them. I will seat myself at a chair and a table in the center of the room and I will not raise my voice in an unpleasant emotion 1 time. If I discipline my children I will calmly put them in timeout and I will not yell at them. If I feel my boyfriend is doing something wrong or I want to get upset with him, I will realize it does not matter. Whatever I am mad about is not important and I probably shouldn’t even be mad. I will remind myself every hour of the day that I have anger issues and I have absolutely no reason to be mad. Smile and enjoy my wonderful life. In 2 or 3 weeks everything will be back to how it was when we first got together. It’s me that changed and it caused him to change. Now I have to fix it to have my Alex back. And my girls deserve a calmer, more loving mother.

I feel pretty sober now. The trip is come down and I should go to sleep but I’m glad I figured this out tonight.

May 14, 2010


Alright, so I’ve been cruising around trying out different blog sites to find one I really like.  thought Tumblr was pretty cool but it doesn’t have enough customizable features for my personal blog. I will post up a link to my fun blog on Tumblr. The one I use to post the completely random shit. This blog at least looks like there’s a lot of features to it, but it will take time for me to explore it and I have soo little time.

So, anyways, a little funny excerpt from my life. My daughters decide they’re thirsty so we go into the kitchen to get a drink. My 2-yr old is, of course 2, and decides she wants juice and my older daughter wants milk. I pour their cups everything’s great. The littlest one is even laughing and giggling as she’s pointing out the juice she wants. Then, I go to hand them their cups and Maeve throws a fit that she wanted the milk. Nevermind that she just asked for juice and watched me pour it for her, no, she wants milk. I get a screaming meltdown in the kitchen cause she can’t make up her damn mind. And, then 2 seconds later, it’s as if nothing happened. The Terrible Twos.. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle sometimes. The rottenness is strong in that one. Like a little piece of Mommy. I will admit I relish being a bitch. It’s very fun. And my children have a lot of my personality in them.

Alright well, I have to get to my American Federal Government homework. I will make sure to get some pics of my rotten offspring up later.

Peace, love, and crabs.