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May 25, 2010

Drink This, Not That

This is so cool.  It almost makes me want to go buy the book. Borders posted this cool little tidbit on Facebook. Most entertaining to me is the coffee part. I love macchiatos. They’re my favorite coffee.


Drink This, Not That

by David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding


Drink This
Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Creme Iced Latte (16 oz)

260 calories
9 g fat
40 g sugars

Not That
Starbucks 2% Iced Dulce de Leche Latte (16 oz)

420 calories
16 g fat
52 g sugars

In the hierarchy of espresso drinks, lattes sit squarely at the bottom. That’s because they’re more milk than java, and are susceptible to huge pumps of sugary syrup from eager-to-please baristas. A macchiato gives the same caffeine kick for a tiny fraction of the caloric cost by swapping out the excess steamed milk for a thick crown of frothed milk. It’s a simple but meaningful switch for caffeine junkies looking for a healthier fix.


Drink This

126 calories
10 g carbohydrates

Not That
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

175 calories
12 g carbohydrates

Surprised? Most people think of Guinness as a beer milkshake: dark, thick, and rich enough to induce tremors of guilt in thirsty partakers. But a 12-ounce serving is as low in calories as some watery light beer selections and can save you up to 50 calories over other full-flavored brews like Sierra Nevada. Part of that comes from the alcohol percentage: Guinness has 4 percent alcohol, and the Pale Ale has 6 percent. Switch out a six-pack a week and you’ve just saved yourself nearly 7 pounds this year.


Drink This
Minute Maid Fruit Falls Tropical

5 calories
1 g sugars

Not That
Capri Sun Pacific Cooler

100 calories
26 g sugars

Make this switch in the little ones’ lunchboxes every day of the school year, and you’ll cut 25 cups of sugar?enough to make 1,600 chocolate chip cookies?from their diet. But, still, I have to give Capri some credit: They recently announced that beginning this spring, they’ll be cutting the sugar and calorie content of their namesake beverage by 25 percent. When asked why, a Capri Sun rep said that parents more than ever are looking for healthier choices that their kids will like. I couldn’t agree more, and it’s hopefully the beginning of an important sea change in the types of foods and beverages companies market to our kids.

May 21, 2010

The Host

Life is just odd sometimes. I’m not sure what to think of it. Alex is great in so many amazing ways, but then he’s bad in these not-really-big-but-i-don’t-know-if-i-can-handle-it kinda ways. Like the drinking. It’s never-ending. He’s always drinking beer. Granted he never gets so drunk that he’s mean or anything. I don’t think he would ever get mean while he’s drinking. At least, not the kind of mean that pops into my head when I think of mean drunks. But I can’t stand the alcohol just the same. Now he’s got this breathalyzer device installed in his truck, so he really can’t drink. It will go off if he was even drinking the night before. It’s really kinda funny in a mean way.

Anyways, so we’ve got this new little 16 yr old that’s coming over to pick stuff up now. A friend of a friend of  Alex’s. He’s cool, but that’s just so young. It kinda weirds me out. I know it’s no big deal, I just never hang out with anyone that young. I’ve been smoking since he was 1. It’s slightly creepy for me and makes me feel very old.

So, I’m sitting up here at Borders drinking a coffee slushee. Mmm I love them. I really need a cigarette, though. I’ll wait a little longer. I have to pack up all my crap to go outside. I got a new book, The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I loved the Twilight series, so I figured I should try her other book. I also need to pick up the other books by Charlaine Harris. I just finished the new Sookie Stackhouse novel. It  was really, really good. Well, I guess I should go smoke my cig and then do my test for Nutrition class.

Peace, love and crabs.