Well, I took the next step. I went to and got myself a domain name. So, everyone, my beautiful little blog is relocating. I will not be posting for several days probably as I get the new website setup. It gives me a lot more versatility in design and functionality, so in a few days, we will have a very gorgeous website out of which to publish our blog. I have also taken this opportunity to rename the blog, hereafter known as Green Pixie Chronicles. Hence, you will need to update your bookmarks to I am very excited about this. I’ve had so many ideas lately about things I want to do with my blog that this website just isn’t capable of doing. So now we will be capable of it. I will warn all, I am probably going to set up a little advertising on the page, because it is no longer a free service for me to produce this blog. It’s not costing much at the moment, but the more things I do with it and the more I expand, it is going to start costing more. I’m going to go now and start working on the new site. I’ll post a comment once it’s fully up and running and that will be the last post to this web address. See you in a few days !


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