All Dressed Up With Nothing to Do

I just don’t get how the best nights can take these amazingly abrupt turns into total bullshit. My boyfriend is being an asshole and I don’t know what to do about it. We were supposed to go to a concert tonight, but  it was cancelled, so we went out to eat. Afterwards, we went to Priscillas and I got some cuffs and outfit. We came home, I put on my outfit and we watched a movie. Throughout the movie, he’s squeezing my ass and rubbing on me cause I’m wearing my new outfit. Halfway through, he stops the movie and asks if I want to go lay down. Thinking I’m gonna get laid, I go with him and sit there for 30 minutes while he smokes a cigarette and chills waiting for him to do something. Finally I roll over and say forget it, since apparently I’m not going to get anything. After that it turns into a fight. All of it leads back to the fact that he’s said all these different romantic things he’s done for other girlfriends and I haven’t seen anything. Supposedly, I’m better to him than any of them, but I don’t get to be romanced. And I don’t even have to be romanced, just being dominated would be great. But he said the reason because he was relaxing and was going to have a little romance before we did anything, but I’m sitting there in lingerie and I’m waiting 20 minutes, so I gave up.Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love something romantic. I’ve pretty much never experienced it. Alex did buy me a sweet card one day, but he also brought a 19 yr old chick home from the store with him that day (long story). So it kind of ruined the gesture for me. I wish he would make some genuinely romantic gestures. I’ve never had any really and I want to spend my life with him. I want to get the things he says his other girlfriends got. It really fucks with me and hurts.


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